Friday, February 12, 2010

Tucker's Birth Story.

I had been contracting every 12 min or so since Friday, they weren't getting closer but they were getting stronger. We were doing our Saturday chores and was having a lot of back pain but I thought that was due to cleaning. By 3pm I had to sit down and leave the rest unfinished. When I sat down the contractions remained the same, tried taking a shower and that helped but didn't make them go away. As I was getting dried off and putting on lotion and doing my hair and stuff in the bathroom my water broke. Toby was in Seward that day and it is over an hour from there to our house so I was kind of freaking out. About that time he called me to say that he was nearly back to Lincoln and was telling me how our neighbors called wanting him to look after their dogs as they were in labor lol! That's about the time I let him know that we were too. It's so funny because he gets all in a panic and is freaking out thinking the baby is going to come right then. In his defense we have had that happen, when I was in labor w/Loryn they broke my water at 4cm and she was born an hour later BUT I was in labor for 4 hours at that time AND on pitocen.

He stopped and got his mom to help w/the kids, honestly this was a shocker but it was much appreciated. Haley is great w/her siblings and would have done fine but she would have been overwhelmed at times. I made Toby eat and shower as I knew things weren't going that fast and I wasn't sure how long it would be and my hubby is a bit of a germaphobe and would not have been comfy w/o the shower.

We got to the hospital about 8pm which was 2 hours after my water broke. The contractions were about 6 min apart at this time. They got us to our room and changed and hooked up. I was thinking that I would have made a bit of progress from my apt on Friday but nope, when the nurse checked me I was *maybe* 5cm and about 75% effaced, went backwards on effacement, didn't get that but oh well lol. She made us walk the halls for an hour where we ran into our neighbor. He was excited that his wife was already at 7cm and was thinking it would be soon. After the hour I was rechecked and I was effaced more but still only maybe a 5. They still let me just labor on my own until about 11pm when I was hooked up to pitocen.

I have no idea what the heck this nurse was trying to do to me but she must have been cranking the juice big time. My labor went from 4-5 min apart contx that were manageable to 1-2 min apart unbearable pain. I hung on until 12:45am when I asked for anti-nausea meds and pain meds. I couldn't manage it this time, Toby knew that it was bad as I had labored the last three kids no prob w/no meds but nausea meds. At that time I started getting the shakes and told the nurse that I don't feel like I have to push now but it is going to be very soon (it was about 1am when I said this and I told Toby that I was hoping to have the baby by 2am lol). Neighbor check, they still had not delivered and race was on LOL!

The nurse checked me and I was only 6cm but completely effaced and I told her that I go very fast and to call the dr. Thankfully she listened, had some issues w/nurses not listening and then trying to get me to "breathe thru the contraction" umm yeah right LOL. It would be easier to stop a train wreck w/my bare hands! So about 2 min before the dr got there I was ready to push and the nurse kept telling me to wait he was coming up and just had to change. She was really trying to say anything to get me to not push and at one point had said once he got in there all I had to do was push once and the baby would come right out.

So when the dr got there and I was able to push for one contraction I was able to relax and calm down and manage better. After that contraction I looked at the nurse and started laughing and told her she lied, he didn't come out in one push. Had the whole room cracking up and poor Dr Millius didn't know what to think of someone w/o an epi laughing and joking as they start to push thru another contraction lol! I finally got his head out w/the second contraction, third push and before he could be suctioned my body went nutty and pushed him out the rest of the way. All I remember about that was Toby and the nurse grabbing my shoulders telling me not to back away from the dr, I guess I was pushing up on the bed and pushing him out. So odd lol I blame it on the over cranking of pit.

Tucker came out pink and screaming and was doing good but breathing fast and pulling in when breathing. He weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 19in long. And if you were wondering, yes we beat the neighbors by about two hours. It will not be hard to remember their daughter's birthday :).


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Congratulations and I'm so glad everything went well - as well as child birth can!!!
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Congratulations,Tucker is beautiful!
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Congratulations on your baby! He is precious!

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Oh Sheila, what a story! Love the name, love the little man! Congrats again darling.

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