Saturday, January 30, 2010

Success at failing?

So after my reg Dr apt on Thursday I was thinking about birth control and what we would use after. I know that I am done, my body knows that I am done. We have used many forms and from the 8 little blessings we've had only one, that's right ONE, was planned. We did have success with both the copper and the Mirena IUDs but that was mostly due to forced abstinence due to it causing irritation for either Toby (copper) or me (Mirena). We have used four different pills, all eventually failed, patch- fail, condoms-fail. We have great success with failure lol!

So after trying all pregnancy to convince Toby to have his nutties cut and him not complying, I set up my tubal. I would have had it done right after delivery but the hospital I am delivering at does not perform them (darn!). So now I will have to go back about a month postpartum and have it done out patient. I am very nervous, the most I've been put under for was to have my wisdom teeth pulled and I doubt I was tubed for that. Do they leave the tube in until you wake up or is it out by that time? I know I will freak out if I wake up and it's in.

I would love to have some of my fears put to rest like how much pain is it immediately after? How long are you in pain? What is the recovery time? How long does the procedure take?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - Found it!

So I had two goals today, the first was to go through the tub of baby clothes that we had from Jake and organize it so that I had all the newborn - 9m out and put away. The second was to tackle the storage room again to find that dang preemie outfit that Toby organized lost.

I actually did it all and then some! I started with the tub since that was the least amount of work, I had already had that hauled upstairs and it was sitting in my room. I dug out all the 0-9m clothes as well as some 12m clothes. Then I went and cleared out some drawers in my dresser to put them away. Since I had those, I went through what I had bought as well to decide what to bring to the hospital. This led to me picking out the pjs that I was taking to the hospital. So I also got my bag 3/4 packed and a list together of what else needs to be tossed in when the time comes!

(Hard to believe that Jake fit into this!)

Then I moved down stairs turns out this time I started on the right side of the closet. After going through three other bins I found it on the fourth one. I am so excited to finally have it, I thought for sure that it wouldn't be found until the baby long out grew it. Once it gets out of the wash it will be packed in the bag as well.

Now we have the space in the room cleared and waiting for the baby gear to get here to set up then the baby can show up anytime after that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in a name?

So as you all may know we are still nameless here. It's not that we are totally without name options, we simply do not agree. I am stuck on the name Jonas while Toby is constantly thinking of names and likes a few such as Brody and the latest names to the list Tobias and Jarret. He thinks that Jonas will have issues with being referred the the pop group The Jonas Brothers, I say that they wont even be remembered when Jonas gets to school (yes did you notice that? We've been calling the baby Jonas almost from finding out we were expecting). He thinks Tobias would be good but if we were going to do a Jr, or Jr like name it really should have been done w/Jacob, not with the second boy. He thinks that Jarret is a good strong name, all I can think of is it reminds me of the weight loss phenom from Subway. I know it's not EXACTLY the same name, but close enough! Brody is an ok name it's actually the name Toby and I agreed on for Jake before he changed his mind minutes before I started pushing, but if we do use it then we wont use MY name at all. No way can we have another child with weird initials BJS would not be good, we already have a PMS, why, you ask? Because Toby had to have Paige as a first name instead of the name I picked-Madison. See a trend? I sure do!

So here I sit with a baby name book trying to find a name. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, for the average person that would leave PLENTY of time to find a name but for me it means I could go into labor at any time. My last two were born at 34 weeks 2 days and 34 weeks exactly, the two before that were 37 and 36 weeks.

I am looking through the book and see all of these really great boy GIRL names in the boy section. Really was Abby ever a boy name? I know Alexis, Loren, Jordon and Leslie were actually boy names before they were picked up as girl names, but Kalyn, Kali and Ashley?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Follow

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spin to Win Great Prizes!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Really Jack Frost, can you just stop?

More snow, more school closings. This is getting really old! The snow piles on either side of our driveway are close if not higher than 4ft. I really do not know where we are going to put it. The snow drifts on our rural roads are far taller than my car.

I was supposed to have my first bpp/nst and another shot apt tomorrow. Looks like that wont be happening :(. Dang it I was really looking fwd to see this little guy and maybe getting another 3d pic of him ::sigh::. Maybe I will be lucky and get it all rescheduled for Friday. IF we are dug out by then that is lol!

So Mr. Jack Frost, go home or go back East where they are used to all this snow and leave us mid-westerners alone!

Wordless Wednesday - Memories of sunny days.

Kira's pedicure at the begining of the summer 2009.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I recently had the opportunity to try a new energy drink by Keller's Creamery called UpBeat! I hadn't heard of the product before trying it so I was a bit nervous on the taste. In reading about the product, I found that it not only was made with real milk but contained 7g of protein and 6g of fiber yet only contained 100 calories.

They come in 3 flavors, Vanilla, Caramel Swirl and Chocolate Decadence. Now it was time to see if they both sustained energy-something that is much needed at this point for me- as well as taste well enough to make me want to use it. I started out with the Vanilla flavor, I wasn't impressed. It did not have a vitamin taste to it even though it is packed w/both B1 and B2 vitamins but I just did not dig the Vanilla flavor. The next morning I decided to go for Caramel Swirl. I am a huge caramel fan, if a candy or candy bar doesn't have caramel in it, IMO it's not worth eating, so I was very excited to try this flavor. BINGO! This was tasty and like the previous day I did notice that I wasn't constantly yawning from mid morning until well past dinner. Next up, Chocolate Decadence. This flavor although much better than Vanilla, didn't do it for me either. Could be that I am not a chocolate milk drinking fan, regardless I noticed even more energy the third day than that of the prior two days.

After going through the six pack that was sent to me I went to my local Hy-vee grocery store loaded up with coupons to stock up on it again. The price per unit at Hy-vee was a bit more than I expected at $1.99 a piece but after the .55 coupon it brought it to a much better price. Since I am pregnant I would need to still have a meal w/the drink at breakfast but if you were not pregnant this would be a very cheap breakfast option for you. On the go I spend more than that for a drink to go along w/my breakfast!

Would I recommend this drink? Yes! I love and still drink the Caramel Swirl and can easily see this replacing my usual bagel breakfast after the baby is born. Please visit the UpBeat! website at and download your .55 cent coupon and try it for yourself!