Monday, August 25, 2008

Wind blown.

Toby's mom brought Paige her birthday gifts over yesterday and also brought kites for all of the kids. This morning Jake and I went out and flew his. I had forgotten how fun it was to fly a kite, well except for me having to get it in the air every two minuets because Jake did crazy stunts and crashed it to the ground LOL. He is pretty good at it and does all kinds of loops and dives, I wish I could have gotten pictures but I was too busy helping him to snap pics. I'll try to get some tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthday girl and boy.

Blowing out the candles.
Somewhere in there is Miss Paigey going through her loot.
My birthday girl and boy.

I just noticed that I still have not fixed the date on the camera @@! Paige has her friend party this Friday. She invited three girls from school and her cousin Mackenzy to sleep over. Should be fun LOL

Lookin so grown up.

Jake wanted his hair cut on Tuesday, okay so I had let it go a little past when it should have been cut LOL. Here he is before and after. He no longer wanted his cute little boy haircut but wanted some big boy spikies :(. Here he is before and after. He looks so grown.

Here is a picture of part of his t-ball team and their trophies. Jake is the furthest to the right in the tan hat.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jake's new belt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids swimming.

Strange neighbors.

Toby went to help the neighbors last night, they are putting an above ground pool underground-told ya they were strange! That is not the reason why I think they are strange, at least today LOL. So he was over there helping them and drinking beer when out of no where the guys wife goes out onto her deck and flashes her husband, my husband and our other neighbor. Yes she has big boobs but she is a big girl, I'm not all that upset about it. I just wonder why in the heck you would do that. I may have acted that way when I was 21 but not at my house around my neighbors. These are people you'd see every day, not random drunk loosers at a bar!

So on with the rest of my day yesterday. Kira was a big ball of fuss, these days she is either eating sleeping or fussing, occasionally she eats and fusses. I took her to the dr and they didn't find anything. She also got a few shots yesterday which really helped with the whole fussing. Last night I could not set her down, even if she was asleep as soon as she was out of my hands she would scream. I hope today is better.

This picture is from Saturday, she will sometimes sit in the swing for a bit but when ever someone walks by she will throw up her hands like that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lotus Toby

LMAO this is just too funny!

Kira's Stridor

It got pretty bad again last night before her bath but we stayed home this time :). After her bath and about an hour later she was fine.

WOOHOO i'm naked!

ok give me my bath now.

I just noticed that the date is off on my camera LOL i'll have to fix that.

Friday, August 15, 2008

School's back!

Haley started school on Wednesday and Loryn, Kali & Paige started today. I can't believe I'm the mother of a high schooler. Jake is super bummed that the girls "left" him today. My baby boy was so lonely, I have looked into preschools around here but to be honest there just isn't that many and they fill up fast. I think I need to find some type of lesson for him during the day like gymnastics, or I guess I could join our old playgroup in town again....hmmm. Any way here are some pix from today.

Luv sucks!

I am sick of diapers that leak! In the past week Kira's diaper has leaked on me so many times it's not even funny! One of the times it was in a very public place, she peed right out the side of her "ultra leak guard" Luv's diaper and didn't get a drop on her but it looked like I wet myself @@. I have never needed to bring extra clothes for me (or for my babies for that matter) but I now have a onesie in the diaper bag just in case. We were at the kids' Karate place and Kira poo'd through her diaper onto her carseat and outfit, my poor baby had to be naked until we got home LOL. On a positive note I was told by someone online that putting stained baby clothes in the sun got out the stain and IT DOES! We have not lost any outfits due to our diaper challenges :). Next time I'm sticking w/Pampers!