Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Potty learning.

I am about to take on the task of potty learning with Kira. Shouldn't be too hard, I have successfully trained 5 other kiddos. The fastest learner was Kaly who took two days to get it and got it both day and night. She decided she was done with diapers and that was that. The longest was Loryn, she-as she does now-fought me tooth and nail. I think it was two months before she learned during the day and another six months before we figured out a solution for night time. I had to take her to the bathroom between 10:30pm and midnight every night for her to stay dry through the night. She was and still is a very heavy sleeper, she still wakes on her own to use the restroom at this time every night, well it is more like sleep walking lol. After we figured this out with Loryn, we used that with the rest of the kids (except Kal who never needed it).

The main challenge that I will face this time, is carpet. All of our previous homes had a combination of wood and tile throughout with only carpet in the bedrooms. During the initial learning stage we just shut all the bedroom doors and kept the kids out in the easy clean up areas. I will not have that this time. We only have the kitchen and baths with tile flooring this time. I have been searching the net for good training pants that are more like cloth diapers than pull-ups and I found them.
potty training pants 
SuperUndies! They can be found at and they are just like a regular underwear only they have a pocket for cloth inserts and a waterproof outer layer to catch accidents. The thing that really sold me on them however, was the easy open tabs, located on the back side to allow for easy clean up on those messier occasions. I am anxiously awaiting my order, but once I get it and try them out I will update-hopefully on my or rather Kira's success!