Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kira's Stridor

It got pretty bad again last night before her bath but we stayed home this time :). After her bath and about an hour later she was fine.

WOOHOO i'm naked!

ok give me my bath now.

I just noticed that the date is off on my camera LOL i'll have to fix that.


HopelesslyDevine said...

Wow that is scary but I'm glad it stopped on it's own! She is sure cute! I see a lot of Jake in her.

Sheila said...

It is pretty scary, and I get comments on it all the time. "What is she doing? Is she alright? Why is she breathing like that?" gets exhausting to explain it every time.

She does look a lot like Jake, if I have time tomorrow I will post comparison pics of her and the other kiddos.