Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yep that's me, at least i'm sure that's what haley is thinking about now LOL.

I don't know how your views on Myspace and Facebook are with your teens but with me and mine it is a for sure NO. Haley and I have had the Myspace talk many, many times. She tried the old 'my friends all have them' nope don't care. There are many reasons why I don't want her to have one but lets start w/the obvious one of she's a kids who doesn't think and always believes things that people say. So imagine my shock when I turn on her computer and up pops Facebook as her set homepage with her email in the sign in box. Oh hell no! I asked her if she had an account and she at least said she did and didn't lie first, so I did what any parent would and asked her for her password LOL. She of course LIED about it and after 4 tries/lies I simply did a password reset and since I know her email because I do monitor that-not as closely as I should if she was able to set up a Facebook w/o me catching the email ::HMF::. I see 20 some odd borderline provocative pictures, her first and last name, full address, home and cell phone number, and her school. Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out that that is completely unsafe for the average person let alone a teen. She not only put herself in danger but all of her younger siblings as well. Our house is a predators dream as far as pretty little girls go and here she is spreading our info-along w/pics of her little siblings I might add-on a social networking site. Then I find out that she at least had the account since June but try as I might I can't find where the 'member since' info is on the account. If any of you know where this is located and can point me to it I'd appreciate it. In any case she lost her cell phone, computer, email, digital camera and after her dad sees the Facebook it will be deleted. In the meantime I changed the password and email addy on it so she can't reset the pw. I was looking at some of the girls she has on there and am dumbfounded as to why they would want to place pictures of themselves like that on this site. Just stamp "whore" on your forehead and forgo the internet completely LOL.

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I'm so nervous about raising children in this era! You did the right thing!