Friday, October 3, 2008


We have been waiting for over two months for this stupid ass builder to pay us the money that Toby has been doing work for. We have invoiced him and have waited and called and tried to get paid. Today Toby finally put his foot down and told him that he needed to pay us or get someone else out to finish his 3 houses that are about to close. This got his attention and he meets with Toby and gives him a folder stating that WE owe him 10 grand instead of him owing US the 14 grand that he does! I am sitting here looking at this Excel spreadsheet and I am not kidding you this guy litterally MADE UP his own amounts. NONE of his amounts match up to what we invoiced him for. The amounts when broken down aren't even the price per piece that Toby does, the square footage is off (thank God Toby kept all the floor plans!), this guy is either nuts or a freaking MORON! I can not believe this jerk is trying to pull this crap. The worst part is all of these houses are already closed on so we can't even put a builder's lean on the home and get paid at closing :(. We are going to have to take him to court, I just have a feeling that it is going to go to that.

On a much better note Kali got her hair cut yesterday. It is much shorter than I would have gone and I totally did not want the bang on it but she did. It looks alright but she has some funky thing w/her hair on one side of her bangs so it gives the appearance of her bangs being uneven. Drives me nuts. I will post a picture that we took later as for some reason it wont load right now.