Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I spend so much time worrying about keeping the rest of the house in somewhat order I often neglect my own bedroom. As I was changing Kira on Sunday I looked around and couldn't believe the clutter. So I decided that would be my very first Tackle it Tuesday. Here are a few before pictures:

Sheesh looks terrible w/all the diapers I got on sale cluttered around the changing table.

Finally back to normal!

LOL there is carpet under all the clutter!


Claire said...

Hi!! You won my See Kai Run giveaway but I dont have a contact for you!!! Please email me with your mailing information & choice of shoes from the Smaller or See Kai Run line at
mom2aroo@aol.com with in the next day or 2, or I'll have to pick a new winner, I hope to hear from you soon!!!

KatieQ said...

It isn't Tuesday but maybe I should give it a go myself! lol

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

pssh I could show you REAL clutter :) but I wouldn't want to scare anyone. but i love the pink bedding!!!

joannamarieprice@yahoo.com said...

Cute Idea =) Bet it felt good!