Saturday, April 18, 2009


I just realized that I haven't posted much but contests in a long time. Life around here is as crazy as ever. I have a lot crap to do for Toby's business BUT my effin computer decided that it wanted to crap out on me-kickin' myself for not backing up his files since FEB! OOPS lol! I hopefully will have it fixed in two weeks. School has started back up and like always the first few weeks I find myself overwhelmed until I get into the groove of how the classes work. Next semester I will actually go on campus for a few classes ::gasp!::. The kids are doing great, Haley is old enough for a learners permit and we are thinking about it. It's so hard to "let" them grow up. I still sometimes look at her and see her as the twirling-till-she-falls-down two year old. Loryn will be in middle school next year, that's equally crazy to think about, wont be but a few years and she will be pestering about her learner's permit. Kali is my boy-crazy 3rd grader who acts too mature for her age. Paige is my friendly, fun loving, girlie-girl. Jake tries to stay afloat in this sea of pink and does an ok job. He loves baseball and can't wait to start t-ball in June. He met a few kids from his team last year at the kindergarten round-up and made fast friends. Kira is about to turn a year old. This year has gone by so quickly! We aren't planning a huge birthday bash but just a family gathering and just planning that makes me sad. Why can't we freeze dry kids and keep them the perfect age LOL?

Paige thinking about what she should do next.

That is Kali under all that hair!

Kal falling through the tire swing that I was pushing her in. She was saying stuff that was cracking me up-which explains why I'm bent over lol!

Haley takin kira down the slide w/Paige crawling out from under it.

Loryn and a few of her friends at their final grade school performance :(.

Kira outside yesterday, I learned that my little girl is as city as I am. She SCREAMED everytime she even got near grass or dirt w/her bare piggies but didn't mind the concrete under her feet!
She got stuck in the excercauser :).

Just hangin' around.


KatieQ said...

Oh my goodness they are all so big!!! said...

OOOH, I love the one in the swing... so cute. And that park looks really great!