Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Ok, so it has been a LOOOOONG time. Let's see first things first, Coco Keys did finally come good on the refunds. They gave me $85 at first, then after more calls, more complaining and a call to the management company they not only refunded me the other $40 but the origonal money we actually did spend as well. I am still sour on the whole deal and don't think that I should have had to wait three plus weeks to get the double billing resolved but they did come good by giving me all the money back.

The 20th was Toby and Paige's birthday. Paige turned 8 and Toby 38. Paige got a few ds games, some clothes, a few toys and $, Toby finally got his PS3. He thinks it was because he deserved it, really it was because I wanted to watch blueray movies ;).

Work is going good, we are almost done in training which means I will have to give my Blackberry Storm back. Kinda sad about that as it means no email at work :( sad pandas! Sept. 15 will be our first day on the floor and my schedule will change to noon to nine. Another BOO moment but at least I can get stuff done in the mornings w/o missing work and perhaps sleep in a bit lol (yeah right!).

School is going well, I forgot a test in two of my classes and am having to get all A's on everything to bring my grade up. Sucky but I'll get it back and end w/a B ::fingers crossed::. I have three classes next semester, one of which will be on campus-speech. Blech! I am not looking fwd to either going on campus or standing in front of a group of people. It's not that I can't do it, it's that when I do it my face instantly turns and I get all hot. I think I will have to do two or three 10 minute speeches. Seeing how classes are not even close to starting and I am already having anxiety over it, should be good times!

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Katie said...

Speech class is not all so terrible. They won't boo you or anything! lol