Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in a name?

So as you all may know we are still nameless here. It's not that we are totally without name options, we simply do not agree. I am stuck on the name Jonas while Toby is constantly thinking of names and likes a few such as Brody and the latest names to the list Tobias and Jarret. He thinks that Jonas will have issues with being referred the the pop group The Jonas Brothers, I say that they wont even be remembered when Jonas gets to school (yes did you notice that? We've been calling the baby Jonas almost from finding out we were expecting). He thinks Tobias would be good but if we were going to do a Jr, or Jr like name it really should have been done w/Jacob, not with the second boy. He thinks that Jarret is a good strong name, all I can think of is it reminds me of the weight loss phenom from Subway. I know it's not EXACTLY the same name, but close enough! Brody is an ok name it's actually the name Toby and I agreed on for Jake before he changed his mind minutes before I started pushing, but if we do use it then we wont use MY name at all. No way can we have another child with weird initials BJS would not be good, we already have a PMS, why, you ask? Because Toby had to have Paige as a first name instead of the name I picked-Madison. See a trend? I sure do!

So here I sit with a baby name book trying to find a name. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, for the average person that would leave PLENTY of time to find a name but for me it means I could go into labor at any time. My last two were born at 34 weeks 2 days and 34 weeks exactly, the two before that were 37 and 36 weeks.

I am looking through the book and see all of these really great boy GIRL names in the boy section. Really was Abby ever a boy name? I know Alexis, Loren, Jordon and Leslie were actually boy names before they were picked up as girl names, but Kalyn, Kali and Ashley?


sheila said...

Wow, you sure go early!

I like Jonas. My daughter is a HUGE JoBro fan, but I don't see that as an issue with the name and the child growing up. I bet you're right, by the time he goes to school people will be like 'Jonas Brothers??? Who?"

I like that name, it's strong and handsome.

Sheila said...

Thank you! I will be sure and show Toby this comment ;).

cindi said...

Well...I have to side with you on this one. Jonas is a good name. Tobias is also a good name...but hasn't Toby already had his share of choosing? Just kidding.

Janae said...

I vote Jonas...I know that you have loved that name since before you had Jake! I remember that being one of the options you had for him too.

Katie said...

Aubrey was a boy name too, BTW ;)