Sunday, July 27, 2008


Kira is all stuffed up and is being Ms. Fussybutt. Poor baby can't eat or suck on her binky because she can't breathe. I have tried and tried to get the stuff out of her nose but only end up getting a bit here and there. Weird because I can hear it in her nose.

I knew something was up because she was so fussy in the car yesterday when I drove to the dealership for them to fix my car. I had my oil changed and tires rotated last weekend after picking up the girls from camp and after that driving my car above 35mph felt like I was driving in an earthquake LOL! So the whole 40 minuet drive was a nightmare. I finally got her to sleep about 5 minuets away from the dealership (that is 40+ minuets from my house). Then she slept the whole time we were gone which wasn't bad but not at all the norm for her. Usually she will wake up every couple of hours to be fed or held.

Speaking of that stupid dealership I had to wait 2.5 hours for my tires to be balanced! I was beyond livid then after I got done w/that I went to the Walmart that had forgot to give me part of my grocery order the week before and had to stand in line at customer service for 20 minuets TWICE to get the items @@. Then on the way back there was a terrible accident and traffic was rerouted off the highway and the roads were all twisty turny and if it wasn't for the cars ahead of me I would probably still be out there even WITH my navigation in my car-doesn't work that well on new roads which is what these were. I did quickly get over being mad about the rerouting when I saw the accident was a BMW that t-boned a trike motorcycle and just prayed for the riders on the trike. From the damage done to that and how twisted and crunched up the BMW was it couldn't have been good :(.