Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun stuff.

Here are the Super Hero Camp pictures Jake and Paige went to.

Today started out great. I had decided last night that I couldn't keep up with all the work that I had and since Accounting just was not clicking for me I decided that was the class to drop. So this morning when I woke up I signed on and dropped that class.

Then when Kira woke up and gave me a huge grin and even giggled for the first time! I almost started to cry. I was so worried that something was wrong because she rarely smiles and doesn't coo or anything when all the babies about the same age are vocal, smiling and laughing.

I still have some homework to do that I've been avoiding all day so I had better hurry with this and get back to my assignments.

I took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood today and as we were walking through are yard at the end of it we hit a patch of weeds that were pretty tall and all of these grasshopper jumped everywhere and one landed on my head and as I swatted it away it fell down into the carrier so I started to fan my shirt to get it to hop out and it hopped INTO my shirt! I couldn't lift my shirt because Kira was strapped into the Bjorn so I pulled the neck as wide as I could and it hopped out onto Kira's face! So I then swatted it away and the kids and I just started cracking up, well not Kira she just went back to sleep LOL!