Friday, July 18, 2008


Ten hours to go until I pick up my three older girls. I didn't think that I would miss them as much as I have. This was their first time at camp and the very first time that I wasn't able to talk to them when they were away-the way the camp is set up they are only able to call if they are sick or hurt otherwise kids would be calling home all the time and it would disrupt the other campers and activities. I am pretty bummed that I sent them to camp with tons of postcards to send home and didn't get even one back from them :(. Watch I'll get like 12 postcards from them tomorrow after they are already home LOL. I sent them each with disposable cameras so I can't wait to see what they captured on them!

Today Paige and Jake had superhero day at karate and when I upload the pics from that I'll post some here. For now here are some from the past month.

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