Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now that's customer service!

A local grocery store had an advertised special if you bought 10 items from them you would get a coupon for 50 extra box tops. Well my kids' school is trying to earn the money for new playground equipment so I decided to go and purchase 10 of the products. While we were waiting for a new cashier to come and run the beer through that toby wanted the underage cashier took the coupon and tossed! I was pissed and told him that we wanted it and made him dig it out of the trash. So a few days later I decided that I should get 10 more since the product was only $1 (it was Helper Meals BUT they are ok to use on busy nights or they actually turn out good if they are baked or cooked in a crockpot). So I went to a different store in the same chain and noticed that the coupon didn't print. I found the manager on duty and asked him why it didn't print and he basically told me there was nothing he could do (which is bull-crap he *could have returned and rerand the purchase OR he could have logged into the coupon printer and print out the coupon manually). I had to pick the kids up at karate right then so I let it go. As I was driving home Haley told me I should write them, so I did. I went to the website and wrote them, the next day I was called and informed that the store manager would be calling me later in the day. I got a call and was told that they would be bringing me out a coupon but since I had to take the kids to karate which was right behind the store I told him I would just stop in. I got there and not only did they give me a coupon but they gave the kids balloons, me a floral arrangement, a gift card for $10, a huge thing of diapers (I had told them that their machine doesn't always print out the babybucks either-another of their promotions) AND the best part a $25 cash donation to the kids' school for the playground equipment fund!

On top of that I got a letter from the manufacturer of the coupon machine a few days later and also got another bonus 50 boxtops from them too!

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tara said...

wow! that is awesome! more businesss' should be run like that!