Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preemie eval.

Kira had her preemie eval this morning and it went great. They said that she is caught up in size (duh lol I could have told them that by the way my arms and back are killing me from lugging her around!) she weighed 17lbs 4ozs, they measured her head but I must have spaced off when they said the inches. Hey I was still not functioning well, it was 9:30am apt and I was up too late working on my essays and up way to early w/the girls. So they did a few things with her reflexes and head control. They had her track some items and see how well she did on her stomach-holding her head up and if she lifted her chest. She did great on all of them and wanted to see her back in 3 months. They said that she is doing fine and is doing things better than a child at her adjusted age and even her actual age. I asked about her not rolling over yet and about the lymph node on her head (i always mess up and call it an adnoid LOL). They said not rolling was fine and it was a skill that she would do when ready. They messed with the node for about five minuets and checked out her other nodes in the area to see if they were enlarged too and she couldn't feel any others-which is good-but had no real explination as to why the node was still enlarged. I guess it can become enlarged at birth by the fluid being pressed to the head by the birth canal but *should have gone down and not gotten bigger.
You can see it here if you click on the picture above, it is the bald spot behind her head. I am supposed to talk to the dr about it again. She goes back to the dr tommorrow due to her congestion-again! It has gotten bad again and is causing her to gurgle at times when she breathes. Any way so all in all it was a good apt.