Monday, September 8, 2008


A year ago (well really a year and two days ago) I was getting the news that my job had been outsourced to India (Happy Birthday to me @@) and was told when the job would expire. I read an email explaining errors that we used to joke around with the customers with and it made me sad and miss my job and the poeple that I worked with. I really enjoyed the job even though it was tough to leave my family when they were getting ready for bed and to not have much time with Toby I really enjoyed it. I guess I should start looking for something outside the home soon. I have a few work from home places that I use but I do like actually being around people.

Today was such a blah day, it rained most of last night into this afternoon and rainy days always make me feel crappy. I just don't want to do anything or go anywhere. I wanted to have my hair cut today but didn't end up doing anything other than take Haley to her orthodontic apt and pick up a few grocery items that we ran out of. I would have rescheduled haley's apt if I didn't REALLY need those grocery items AND I hadn't already rescheduled it twice LOL.

He just loves her bunches and she loves him just as much! Whenever she hears him she looks around to see if he will play with her.

He was trying to coach her in rolling over and showing her how to do it LOL.