Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a week!

Jake turned 5 on Saturday. We just had a family party and his grandma and aunt actually made it this time. Here's a pic of Jake w/his cake.
Kira also turned 7 months on the same day. A picture of her with her birthday buddy is below.

Later Saturday she started getting fussy, but she normally does when we have people over. I guess she doesn't like anyone in her space. But the next day Toby's mom called and let us know that she now has the flu @@. Thank you! We already knew something was up with Kira because she was up a lot that night and was sounding more congested than normal, and also felt warm (later she actually ran a fever of 101.2). Sunday night was awful, I think Kira and I barely slept. I called the doctor and got her in that afternoon but it meant no naptime for her :(. I really needed that nap because I had a job interview Monday night. I still think that I did ok though. Her apt was quick, ears weren't infected but her right ear still had fluid in it. Her sinuses looked infected and she had "a lot of upper airway noise." They put her on omnicef and it has helped, she's much happier today and no fever. I hope that she sleeps tonight because I'm exhausted!

Today I got a call from the school telling me that Kali doesn't feel well. I had JUST got the littles down for their nap and had an 'oh crap!' moment. The nurse offered to just give Kal tylanol and see how that went and it did the trick but Kal was not happy with me. She was supposed to have a playdate but had to cancel it because she wasn't feeling well.

Tomorrow is Kira's second synagis (rsv vaccination) shot, then she has her second NICU follow up apt later in the week. I will have to check as it may actually be tomorrow morning.

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Gena said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I hope the kids all stay healthy right now!!