Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why did they stop making Calgon?

I know everyone has had these kinds of days, I just wish I didn't get so many! If they still made Calgon I would fill my bath tub and try to get it to take me away, not to mention that a hot bath on such a chilly day would be devine, add a good book and some quiet in the house OH HEAVEN! So I thought I would make a list of the top 10 reason my day has sucked so far:

10. It's 6* outside and with windchill it feels like -4* (probably more since it's windier here than in town).

9. My pot roast is going to have to cook an extra two hours because it's cooking was interupted.

8. I had some items that needed to be mailed today but I have no car.

7. It's cold in the house because we had no heat for a few hours.

6. I missed turning in an assignment and the teacher will not take a late turn in (GRRRR).

5. My hair is so frizzy and gross and even all the crap I put on it and flat ironed it, it's still resembles Carrot Top's hair just not as cool.

4. My husband's car may be out of commission for more than just today, so I may be without a car as well.

3. Kira has puked on me six time in the past 2 hours, so I have the lovely au do baby puke sent going on.

2. Our house was without power for two hours and it threw off my whole groove. Laundry sat in the washer, not washing, in the dryer-not drying, my kids sat at their school without power and I couldn't call to see if school was cancelled.

1. When taking the dog out, I slipped and fell flat on my back smacking the back of my head on the pavement.