Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was a little nervous to learn that Similac was recalling a mass quantity of formula as I bought some cans to have on hand in case I was out and didn't leave milk for my husband or oldest daughter to feed the baby. I almost didn't want to check, I really didn't want to know but didn't want to not know. After all I had one opened can and three other cans, I could have just thrown them out but the frugal lady in me added up the $ and I couldn't.

So after 90 minutes of trying and continually refreshing the Similac web site I found out that they were all recalled. Including the opened can that my son drank from two weeks ago. The real kicker is I'm nursing and could have pumped a bottle that day, I didn't because I was lazy and well, running late. So because of my laziness my baby ingested beetle bug parts and/or larva. How disgusting! We are supposed to be able to have full confidence in the manufacturers of products, you would think they would be even more proactive for baby products.

Similac stated that the issue was with one of their plants. We don't even know where this "plant" is that had the issue. I read all of the packaging and no where on them does it say where it is produced or packaged. The only thing I could find was the address to the Similac headquarters in Ohio.

How could this happen? I know that there are certain amounts of bugs in everything that we eat, heck we even ingest 8 bugs a year while we sleep, but this is my baby and this is something that was put into their mouth by me/us. They didn't choose to eat it, we fed it to them. I think the FDA needs to use this as an opportunity to step up and put stiffer regulations on baby formula and food in general. And Similac, come on, get it together!