Friday, September 10, 2010

Final days.

I finally completed the last of the three speeches for my speech class. I feel good about the results. This is the last class that is needed for graduation, if I pass-which I am positive I will now that I did good on this last speech-I will graduate in FOURTEEN DAYS!

I am beyond excited! I started this process while pregnant with Kira. I had two pregnancies and two NICU babies in the process and still managed to do assignments while caring for them in the NICU. With Kira, since she was in the hospital I actually had Jake sitting in one chair watching movies while I sat and nursed Kira, juggling another laptop and school books to get my assignments in on time (thank you St. E. for providing free Wi-Fi). With Jonas, I had enough sense to keep a week ahead in my classes so I didn't have to do that or play catch up.

It has been a long bumpy road and I am glad that it is nearing the end for now. I still want to pursue my Bachelors degree, but I think I will wait a bit on that. For now I will enjoy my current degree and wear my cap and gown with pride!

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