Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dentist update.

Kira had her appointment with the dentist yesterday. After all of that worrying it was found that her cavities were not as bad as previously expected. The dentist was able to do the fillings without any type of pain medication as they were surface cavities- thank God! The plan was to wrap her up in a papoose and do the fillings as quickly as possible. I talked to Kira about getting snuggly in the blanket to get her teeth fixed and she seemed excited about it, that was until the dentist came in and snapped his glove on. I do not know what it is about her and those gloves, but she is terribly afraid of them. I can't even wear my garden gloves w/o her freaking out.

Anyway, we managed to keep her from escaping the room and wrestled her into the papoose and the dentist started the procedure. It was both nerve wracking and amazing to see how quickly he and the hygienist worked to fix my baby's teeth. During the procedure Kira had managed to free her hands from the straps that secured them to the board and was attempting-with success I might add-to wriggle out of the papoose entirely. I managed to grab her hands so she didn't break free, so what did my little budding Houdini do to try and get the drill out of her mouth? My fiestly little girl attempted to use her tongue to push the drill out of her mouth. I actually wished that I had a free hand to take a picture of it as it was just too comical and so Kira-like!

So her teeth are fixed but the white fillings do not match her teeth color so it is very visible, however, Kira never shows her teeth much when photographed or at all really. So I don't think it will be a problem. I am just glad to have that over and taken care of and hopefully that will be the last 'bad' dental visit we have for a long time!