Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fussy McFussin Pants

OMGosh I am about to freakin loose my mind. Kira has been so dang fussy since Saturday. Kali had her birthday party and had 4 girls stay the night and I don't think that Kira felt comfy with all these extra peeps in the house. Once the girls left on Sunday she immediately fell asleep for 3 hours, but once she woke up OH MAN! It has been nearly non-stop fussiness. She will nap for a bit if I'm holding her and don't move or breathe (lol) but if I do or say anything she is up fussing again. She goes to the dr tomorrow for her RSV vaccine and to be checked out. I don't think that it is an illness or infection as she has no fever, maybe it's her teeth? I dunno, all I know is I hope it ends soon.

She had her 6 month well baby visit on the 6th and she weighed in at 19lbs 2.2oz (95%), was 26 1/4 inches long (75%) and her head was 16 7/8inches (75%). They showed me her preemie chart - I guess they still plot it until 1 yr - and she was way, way off of that chart LOL. She was nearly off of the regular baby chart. She is doing well developementally as far as they could see and didn't think it was a big deal that she *still* isn't rolling.

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Gena said...

I hope kira feels better soon! So you can rest! Way to grow!!!