Monday, November 3, 2008

Guess the road kill....

is the new game that my kids created in the car. I have no idea why they want to but when they see a poor cridder on the side of the road, or worse flattened into the road (ewwww!!!!) they try to decide the type of animal it is. This game is less annoying then "My Cow" but pretty gross. Kali has also taken it upon herself to tell me whenever she thinks that someone 'got a deer' in the road due to the stain in the asphalt. Oh joy!

On another note, the dealership has fixed my Exploder so I will have to say good-bye to my roomy rental and go back to my matchbox baby. At least I will have the 'voice' to guide me again. Hopefully I wont be standing around at the polls too long and I can be home by naptime :).

1 comment:

Gena said...

YAY On getting your voice back! but too bad it wasn't a "BIGGER" voice. :) LMAO love the roadkill game. I am glad my kids don't know of that one!