Wednesday, November 26, 2008

#2 = long week!

No Wordless Wednesday today. Kira went to the dr Monday and we found out she has another ear infection. It was one heck of a weekend and she is supposed to be doing better tomorrow. Oh man I hope so. She has been so fussy and irritable, doesn't want to be set down and fights going to sleep and eating. I guess it hurts to lay down? On top of that she has a cold, congestion, runny nose, cough and sneezing. Paige had a fever, runny nose and tons of sneezing and must have passed it on to Kira. The odd thing is she doesn't show a fever, I would swear by touching her that she had a fever and her cheeks get all red but I take her temp and it's always between 98.5 and 99.3, I've even tried different thermomaters and the dr's show the same. I hope the medicine kicks in and she does better tomorrow, I have a lot to do/cook.

Looks like it will be just us again this year, Toby's family has yet to call us to tell us if there is a family gathering. They do this every year, except usually they call Tuesday AFTER I have bought an entire Thanksgiving meal to tell us that the dinner is at so-and-so's house. No call this year though. Toby's Uncle was in town so maybe the decided to have it early and just didn't bother to invite us-wouldn't surprise me one bit. Heck Kali's birthday was the 8th and grandma hasn't been out to see her yet @@. I so regret moving from my family but I know even without his family living here is far better than where we were.


Jen said...

I hope Kira feels better soon! Dang sickies!! : (

Gena said...

I hope she feels better soon! Enjoy your quiet meal!!!