Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lazy days of summer.

Who came up with that phrase? I mean really! Lazy days of summer just does not explain it at all. Since the kids have been out of school I have burned through two tanks of gas running them here and there and picking up this play date or sleep over person or the other. Exhausting to say the least. What's even more worrisome is we aren't even one week into summer!

With each passing day my calendar gets a little fuller and my days seem to feel shorter but last forever. I don't think I have managed to crawl into bed before 2am any night this week and have been up with the sun or Kira, which ever comes first-usually Kira lol! It also does not help that Toby has been working late hours and has been gone 18hrs out of each day.

I was really hoping that our town would have the pool open today so that I could at least burn out some of the kids' never ending supply of energy today only to be disappointed. I stopped by and found out that the pool doesn't open until Monday. What the heck are we to do until Monday? I ran out and grabbed some water guns and water balloons a few days back. I dragged them out and the kids are now having a blast ambushing one another. This will of course only last for an hour or so before someone gets ticked that they are getting wet and not getting someone wet so I am off to watch and make sure no one gets hurt! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!