Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to, I mean back to school.

I am not one of those germaphobes who obsesses about germs and must sanitize everything, but I am very conscious of their effects on my family. We went through a terrible flu season last year and ended 2009 and started 2010 with a very sick toddler that was hospitalized for reoccurring pneumonia. That being said you can understand why we will be doing a bit more this year to try and keep those germs away, not only for Kira, who was a preemie and had pneumonia 4 times, but for Jonas who was a preemie as well.

As I went through the kids school supply list I added on hand sanitizer. I gave them each a bottle last year at the beginning of the year and then another after winter break. The challenge was getting them to use them and making them want to use them. This year I picked up a few of these Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers with the holders. They are on sale right now for 5 for $5 and the holders are 2 for $1 so for just about $8 I got the five kids who are in school sanitizers for the backpacks in fun scents that they cannot wait to use! I will be going back for more as I know they will run out quickly (they are small bottles) and I need to put one on the diaper bag and the one attached to my purse is running low.
Blue Glitter PocketBac™ Holder - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works
A few precautions you can use to reduce the amount of school germs entering your home are:
  • have children changing clothes immediately upon coming home from school,
  • then washing hands,
  • keep all backpacks hung and away from younger siblings
Here is to a safe and relatively low germ school year for all!


Weezer said...

Boy, I'll bet when a bad germ gets hold of one of your children it runs rampant. When I worked as a pediatric nurse, I used to strip down in the laundry room when I got home from work.
You're being very pro-active and should be admired for it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone was as diligent?

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Hi there! A little late but wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and I am following you right back from Follow Friday!

Have a great day!

Creative Flair said...

Love those little sanitizer and holders. My kids are quite familiar with the whole sanitizing routine. Glad I'm not the only one. Although I just have them do it when they get in the car after school. Don't want them using that stuff too much.

Jenny said...

Holy Cow, 7 kids!!! I am your newest follower because I just want to see how you do it all. You just might be my new hero!

Busy Mom said...

It never fails that when one of my kids brings home a bug, then it runs it's course through the whole family. Following back.

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