Friday, July 16, 2010

Have you got your Groupon?

I signed up for Groupon in May and was immediately disappointed that there was no offers in my area. I had nearly forgotten about it when I started to receive daily emails a couple weeks ago. Out of the dozen or so offers only one was one that I would consider using- half off at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Of course that was the one day that we just could not squeeze in any other activity into.

I guess they are just trying to get it off the ground in my area but come on, today's offer is for a $45 canvas 16 x 20 wrapped print-ordered ONLINE. This is supposed to generate local business, not online business.

I am always interested in a great bargain, so I am not giving up hope just yet. Lets just get the program rolling Groupon, I want to get my Groupon!

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Debbie said...

Following you back!!~