Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy hairballs.

After 8 pregnancies and 7 children you would think that I would be used to this by now. What is it that I am talking about? Postpartum hair loss. It has gotten ridiculous for me the past few weeks. We are talking enough hair in one day to give any Barbie a nice wig. My hair is EVERYWHERE! I have had to untangle it from the vacuum brush, my poor baby has it all over him. The poor guy is always with me and my hair so he sees the most of it. I was trying to grow my hair out but gave up on that after cleaning my hair off of every surface of my house.

I finally went and got a cute shoulder length cut with layers. I am still loosing hair but at least the amount of hair seems to be less because it is shorter. I will buy my time with my shorter 'do and try to grow it out again after this shedding has stopped. I pray that its soon or I am sure to go bald :).


Weezer said...

I don't remember this with my own children.....oh, so many years ago. But my daughter, who just had her 2d child on the 5th, is experiencing it. Also did with her first. Her OB says it's the sudden change in hormones. Yep. Hormones strike again. And they just keep attacking.
Blessings, sweetie. It'll get better (they tell me).

Kelly Polizzi said...

OMG tell me about it! I totally hear you. I had my boy in Feb and in June it hit me, my hair was falling out. Now there's no mistaking it. It was never this bad with my first. My hair has thinned drastically! I looked it up online and was horrified to read it could last upto 6 whopping months!

Creative Flair said...

I hated that part!! Especially the really short hairs in front when they grow in.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

s.b. said...

I can totally relate! My hair fell out like crazy after both of my pregnancies. It's not fun! Your blog is amazing. Seeing all of your little ones makes me feel like adding to my clan. Hopefully you'll find some fun art projects to do with them on my blog. I look forward to visiting again soon! Sara