Friday, August 27, 2010

All I want for Christmas is her two front teeth.

From the moment of her birth, I knew that Kira would be the one child that would be more of a challenge than the rest. Her birth was more challenging than the rest, she was born at the same gestation as Jacob but spent 14 days in the NICU, 4 of those on CPAP and 2 more on O2. She was always catching some type of cold, later battling pneumonia 4 times-consecutively. Poor girl has had more x-rays than I have in my 30+ years. She has had tubes in her ears, locked me out of the house, climbed and fallen off of just about every thing in the house, lost two finger nails on her left hand from smashing it in the door. Now we have a new challenge.

Kira started complaining about her teeth hurting but she has issues with showing her teeth. I brush her teeth behind her clamped down lips, often having to wrestle her down to get the hard to reach front bottom teeth behind her lips of steel. So I get her to let me lift her lip and my heart breaks, my baby girl has visible spots on her two top front teeth. None of her siblings have had cavities, Haley is nearly 17. Kira has had these teeth (top front) for exactly 14.5 months. After consulting with a dentist (our dentist is out of town until Monday), depending on how bad the teeth are they could be pulled or filled/capped. I have yet to get her to really smile and get her teeth in the picture and now I may never get to w/o terminator teeth or no teeth at all.

Now in the grand scheme of things, this is small. They are just teeth, right? Well, yes, but my kids don't loose their baby teeth until 6.5/7. It makes me sad that she will have to be knocked out for whatever it is they[we] decide is best for her, as well as the real possibility of her not having front teeth for the next FIVE years.