Monday, August 30, 2010

Dental plan.

Thank God we have a good one. In the next few days we will get a referral to a pediatric dentist who will then see Kira and decide on a game plan to fix her teeth. Dentist #2 thinks that her teeth do not need to be pulled, but again, they did not do an x-ray so we really do not know for sure. She will either need to be gassed or completely knocked out to repair them. I am leaning towards knocking her out. I know that she tolerates it after having tubes in her ears and this way we will for sure know that it will get done and not put off for another appointment. So now we wait for a call, then wait for an appointment.

We did find out some interesting things, apparently all the medications she was on over the past 7 months is probably what caused it. The side effects of the medications can cause dry mouth and this could cause decalsification of the enamel on her teeth making it easier for her to get cavities. So she got better from pneumonia but damaged at least two teeth in the process. I was really worried about her bottom teeth, as she rarely lets me see them or brush them as good as she lets me brush her top. Turns out her bottom teeth are perfect, which is an absolute blessing!
So let the waiting begin.