Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I am honored to receive this Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much to Michele at "Minnesota meets California" for awarding me with this award!

The recipients of this Award have to state 7 Beautiful things around me, and pass this Award on to 7 other blogs who inspire me!

7 Beautiful Things:

  • My seven amazing, beautiful children because they bring out the best in me!

  • My beautiful husband because without him, I would not be where I am today!

  • My beautiful fur babies, because they are so cute!

  • My amazing and beautiful house that my a fore mentioned hubby built for our family!

  • My beautiful Blogosphere followers because you give me motivation to blog!

  • All my beautiful friends because each and every one of you have listened when I needed to vent, cry or just have a conversation that didn't contain 'like' and 'um' as the subject!

  • My beautiful God who gives me my strength and wisdom to do all that is right in my life!!

  • 7 Beautiful Bloggers:

  • Lisa at Oh Boy, Oh Boy

  • Gena at Fairytales & Puppy dog tails

  • Sara at PS Mom Reviews

  • Janel at Full of Grace x7

  • Melissa at Mr. Magnificent & Comp.

  • Rose at Nostalgic Marveling

  • Kelly at Mommy's Kicking Cancer's @ss