Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another one of those days.

I am writing this at nap time, a much needed nap time today. It is just after noon and today I have already been through enough to last me all week. Started off the morning with getting the younger kids to school late. Not that late, but late is late and we were doing so well in that regard. Get home to find out that the baby has had a blow out. Go to toss the car seat cover and baby's clothes into the washer and nearly fall on my butt from the 1/2 gallon of juice Kira got all over the kitchen floor. The only thing I can come up with is she was trying to poor herself a glass and couldn't wait. So now my lower half is covered in cran-grape juice and the top half, since I was trying to carry soiled items and try to keep my self from falling, is covered in soil.

Toss the clothes in the washer, clean up the juice and change my clothes. Go to get lunch going when I hear the front door close. I run out and see Kira trying to make it down the front steps in my shoes. I must have forgotten to lock the door when we came back from dropping the kids off at school. I get her back inside, go to start the washer when Kira declares, "I poop mom." So I bring her to her room to change her, get her dressed and walk outside to throw away the diaper. I am running to the cans as I have the windows open and if Kira opens the door the force of the wind will slam the door on her fingers. She already lost two nails on her left hand from smashing them in the door, I didn't want a repeat of that incident. I get back to the door amazed that she is just looking out the side window by the door and not messing with the door itself and go to enter.

That is when my head smacks the locked door that I thought would give open when I pushed and my heart drops from my chest. Kira locked me out. This amazingly smart, tiny tornado figured out how to twist the lock and engage it just enough to prevent the door from opening. I tried for a few minutes to get her to twist it back but I don't think she understood exactly what she did to get it to lock. So I said another prayer that I didn't lock the garage door or the door leading into the house from the garage. Thankfully neither were locked. Had they been I am not sure exactly what my plan of action would have been, all of our neighbors work but two that are about a quarter of a mile down the road. I would have had to call Toby to come unlock the door as we have no hidden key, I think I'm going to need to change that or learn to carry my keys with me at all times. This isn't the first or undoubtedly the last time I have locked myself out, it is however the first time that I have been locked in an area other than where my kids were. Well there was that time when I locked myself out on the deck BUT Jake was technically outside too, just in his car seat in the car lol.

So that was my excitement for the day. Anything interesting happen in your day today?