Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Branson?

A few years back our family took a trip to Branson, MO. We had a great time and are wondering if going back this summer would be in the budget. I came across this link while checking prices Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. It is full of information about a trip to Branson. When we went, we weren't able to stay at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, it was still being constructed, but I would love to stay there this time. The rooms look fabulous and it is right off of Lake Taneycomo, the views must be amazing!

While we were in Branson we visited Silver Dollar City & Pirate's Cove. The kids had a blast at Pirate's Cove, they love to minigolf and it was put together so nicely. Each hole was another adventure. Silver Dollar City was great as well, but I am certain that Haley and I enjoyed it far more than Toby or the littler kids. Toby doesn't really like thrill rides and at the time Loryn and Kali were too scared to go on many, nor were they tall enough to ride on much. Kali and Loryn did ride on most of these rides. I can laugh about it now, but we I convinced Loryn and Kal to go on The Mighty Galleon and it was an absolute scream fest, they screamed and cried the whole time and were terrified. Loryn still doesn't enjoy rides that give that stomach dropping feeling. Jake and Paige were far too little to ride more than 3 or 4 rides such as The Royal Tea Party. Toby did enjoy and ride on all the water rides, all the kids but Jake went on these with him. I stayed back with Jake and we were the only dry at the end of the day. If we go back we will certainly be going back to Silver Dollar City!

We wanted to go to the Hollywood Wax Museum but we just ran out of time, so this will be on the list of places to visit. I remember visiting a wax museum as a child and thought it was the coolest. It felt like I was actually meeting the celebrities, it was a sad day when it was torn down, so I wanted to take my kids there and share the experience with them.

Another place I would like to go is The Track Family Fun Park. They have go-cart rides, bumper cars and kiddie rides. Fun for all ages! I can't wait to challenge Toby to a race, I imagine he'll win (or let me win) but it will be fun to 'try' and beat him.

One place that Toby is excited to visit with Jake is the Payne Stewart Golf Course. He has taken Jake to hit a few balls here and there, and there are some okay courses in Lincoln, but he really wants to show him a 'real' golf course. Payne Stewart is an 18 hole, par 70, championship golf course. The course rating is 68.4 and it has a slope rating of 113 on Bermuda grass. Designed by Perry Duke Maxwell, ASGCA, the Bill & Payne Stewart golf course opened in 1947.

The best part is Branson is only about a six hour drive. Gas prices may be a bit high but airfare on our clan wouldn't be affordable at all right now. Our trip itinary would be:
Thursday- load up car at night.
Friday- leave house by 6am, arrive in Branson by noon. Visit Hollywood Wax Museum after lunch, check into hotel, swim and relax, order in pizza.
Saturday- Silver Dollar City after late breakfast until dinner time, after dinner swim and relax at pool.
Sunday- Toby and Jake go to Payne Stewart early, girls and I splash around in the pool, meet up for lunch then head to The Track until dinner, relax at the pool after packing up all items but clothes to wear home.
Monday- finish packing up items, eat breakfast and head home.

Ok, now I am really starting to get excited!



Ms Cupcake said...

Have a fun holiday!
Dropping by from sits and blog hopping. Have a great day.

Now following your blog.

Ms Cupcake

HaB said...

Sounds like fun - I see the commercials all the time on TV to go to Branson - and it also LOOKED like a lot of fun - and by the way you describe it, it makes me want to go!

New England Girl said...

It sounds like you'll all have a wonderful time! :) I am jealous, as I don't forsee any vacations in my future... at least for the summer. Please have a good time for me! :)

Shaye said...

Boy that all sounds like FUN! Be save and take lots of pictures!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been to Branson 5 times and I can see why it is a great place for families with young kids. I go with my girlfriends from around the country-it's centrally located for all of us--and do long weekends there. We don't do the amusements...but take in a few shows. Have fun when you go!!!