Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How cute is your kid?

Everyone thinks their kids are the cutest ever born, I know I did with each of mine. I came across this site about six months ago after I entered my youngest daughter in a photo contest. No she didn't win, but she did get honorable mention, I blame my photo skills on that because it surely couldn't have been my baby. She is too cute for words, if you've been on my site before I'm sure you'll agree ;). After that disappointment I added her on TheCuteKid, she hasn't been entered in the 2009 Cute Kid of The Year Cutest Baby Picture Competition yet. I am still looking for that one perfect shot. When you enter your child or baby in the contest you will get a free canvas print of the photo up to 11x14! The cost to enter is $19.95 but just putting your child's photo on the site could get them noticed by top casting agents who often browse photos on the site. TheCuteKid™ awards over $5,000 in prizes monthly! Each month, a panel of industry professionals carefully reviews all contest entrants to select each Category Winner (Baby, Toddler, Pre-School, Big Kid, Pre-Teen & Multiples) with the top scorer from the VoteTracker™ scoring system being awarded that month’s “CuteKid™ of the Month” prize winner. Keep in mind, by entering your child’s photo, it WILL be seen by industry experts and agents who often cast for modeling and acting roles. If you want to get your child into modeling or acting this is a great place to start.


God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Hi Sheila,

I entered my son just this last year for the 2009 American's Most Beautiful Babies contest, and I was blown away that his photo was chosen by the editors. We were allowed to enter up to 6 pics and the one they chose was not the one I wished they had, but they liked the 'non-posed', proper look. They seemed to mainly pick babies that were doing something in their natural element (my son was 'singing'). We didn't get the top win for the cash award but hey, I'm just as thrilled. They send us a coffee top published photo of him, along with the other kids chosen in the book. I called them just last week and they said we'll get it after publishing sometime in September. I'm so excited!

Congrats on your little girls honorable mention!! That's great. Your little angels are just too cute, espcecially that cutie on your header in the red tu-tu and bow on the right. LOL...too precious!

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

Aww, thanks for the info, and good luck!!!