Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday - 4

Cheaper Than Therapy
Kali was letting me know that she was done taking pictures.
She gets it from her dad.
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Elizabeth said...


New England Girl said...

hilarious!! :)

Shaye said...

Hi there Sheila! You swung by our blog during the blog hop. Thanks! I noticed you're from Nebraska, too. How neat! I have only met a handful of bloggers from NE, so I always get excited to meet more. I'm way out in the panhandle...far from more others I've met.

Anyway, hubby's out of town this week so I'm going to do some poking around your blog tonight after I get the kids down. Nice to "meet" you!


Banteringblonde said...

hee hee my kids give me the same look and hubby is totally over the whole video documenting thing!

Maricel said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog... We can do link exchanges by swapping buttons. I'm grabbing yours now. ^_^

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

Robin said...

Hi Sheila! Thanks for visiting my blogs. I'm hopping over from the blog hop altho' I still need to get the new code on my blog. lol. Running behind.
Love the pics - so funny! lol.
I'm hopping around instead of doing laundry! :)
Take care and have a great weekend!

Erin said...