Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell 'em how you do it!


As technology progresses, we have learned to rely on it more. It is constantly changing the way we live our lives, contact our friends and families, and how we learn and play.

If you are a Charter customer, phone, internet or cable - Charter wants to know how you live your digital life. Do you now order movies on-demand instead of driving to Blockbuster, do you read news from online sources, do you share photos and videos online with friends and family, do you catch up with old friends on Facebook, or play video games with friends who are five states away? Digital tools have dramatically changed our lives. What have these tools done for you that you couldn't have done before?

Charter wants you to “Tell Us How You Do It,” and for telling them you can win some great prizes. Each week Charter is giving away either a 15” laptop or a 52” HDTV to one lucky customer who submits their story.

At the end of the promotion, Charter will be giving away a package of one 52” HFTV, one 15” Laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle with includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone.

All you have to do is visit and submit your story with photos or video that shows us how you use your digital tools. You can also see examples at of how other people are doing it. Add your story today!

Charter has created a buzz around its online contests. And they keep getting better. Last year it gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.

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