Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the heck?

Ok, since I haven't had a real leave the house job in (holy crap!) two years I try to schedule when I leave the house at times that are not normal commute times. Today I did not have that option, I was on my way to my 2nd interview with a company and the interview time was at noon. First off, who the heck schedules an interview at lunch time? That's just nuts! I was starving, and didn't get out of there until nearly 3pm. But anyway off track again, on my way there I was behind a guy who was driving crazy. We got to a traffic light and we both were turning left, it was then that it looked like he was eating a popsicle. The mom in me automatically figured that he was driving weird because he dripped on himself and was trying to clean it up. As we travel further down the road, his driving was getting worse, to the point that he almost took out 3 mailboxes. I was at the point where I was seriously thinking of calling 911 to report a drunk driver. It was then that he brought his "popsicle" up to a level that I could see it and noticed that it was actually a cell phone. This time when he had it up the screen was lite. As I was finally able to pass him and get the heck away from him before he crashed his car I saw that he was texting while driving. Common sense would tell you after you nearly crashed into the first mailbox that you should abandon any attempts at saving minuets and call the person before you kill yourself, or worse, someone else. This guy lacked this common sense were my thoughts as I went down the road. About two miles later a guy in a HUGE Dodge Ram truck nearly sideswiped my truck. I was more than a bit peeved when I passed him and saw that he didn't even realize what he nearly did. Why you ask? Because he was too busy TEXTING someone! Twice in less than 10 minutes I had two fools driving in close proximity being completely unsafe. Now I will say that I am NO saint, I am guilty of sending out a quick text IN THE PAST while driving. I did have the good sense to set the phone down if my driving suffered due to it and have stopped completely since. I have no desire to be the one that takes a loved one away from another for my stupidity.

Has something similar happened to any of you? Would you have called 911?

Looking back now, I know I should have but my main concern was to get away from those people before I was the one they hit.

In case you made it this far and were wondering, the interview went great. It was actually two interviews and a tour of the building. I should know in the next few days if I got the job.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview result.

Regarding the driving I live in a part of the world that laws regarding driving are mostly non-existent or never enforced. In 6 days last week there were 20 deaths and 240 injuries on the road. Read my posts 'I don't mean to preach' and 'a day in the life' if you get a minute.

Here I certainly wouldn't call 911 - a) because it's the wrong number ;0) and b) because it would make no difference.

We are all trying to do our bit in our own way but here it will certainly take some time!

Kari said...

Great post! Had me laughing. I'll never look at a person on their cell phone without thinking of a popsicle - ha ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You have a beautiful family yourself! I thought I was busy with 2 - but I'm changing my thinking on that one! Have a great night :o)

New England Girl said...

I am glad your interview went well and hope you get the job! :)

I am SO against texting while driving. I hardly text to begin with [for a 24 year old, I am so stone age with technology it isn't even funny], and then ot notice people doing so when they're operating vehicles and putting people in danger's way? It makes my blood BOIL! I have come close to calling the police a few times [only in our small area though, where I know most of the cops]. One of these days, I am definitely going to though. People are so careless! The way I look at it is that whatever you're saying, can wait until you can pull over or you bring your car to a stop at your destination.

It's one of my biggest pet peeves. :)

I am super happy to hear that you avoided any accidents though. :)

Little Ladybugs said...

Congrats on the interview.

I hate cell phones... If my hubby didn't insist I have one I wouldn't have one. I did call the police one day for the same reason you almost did. I was coming home after picking my kids up. Guy in front of me was driving a Semi-truck and weaving all over the road. These road do not even have shoulders. After following him for 5 miles and he even ran a COP CAR off the road( and the stupid cop did not turn around and pull him over). I called the police station.. I was sure the cop would pull him over. They sent someone out and they did pull him over. Come to find out he was on the cell phone because something was wrong with his truck.. PULL OVER DUHHHHHHHH . I was so mad. I spent an hour with the driver and the cops to fill out a stupid report. It was a mess but he could have killed someone.

Shaye said...

Thank GOODNESS we don't have a cell phone anymore. When we moved to Nebraska we still had THREE cell phones, but we got rid of all three upon our arrival. Now we just have an "emergency" phone when traveling long-distances.

I'm also influenced by the fact that I was in a wreck due to cell phone usage and it was MY fault. I wasn't even talking, but I was checking messages and took my eyes off the road for a split second. That's all it takes. And if it can happen to ME, it can happen to anyone. I've called 911 before for insane drivers and reported license plate numbers and car descriptions--we've even pulled over to do it from a pay phone. I feel very strongly about doing our part in insuring road safety after having children of my own. So whether they do anything about it, it's on record as having been called in.

Have a great week!