Monday, December 14, 2009


Ok, so last week we got the all clear from the Dr re: Kira's pneumonia. One week later and she's back on antibiotics, breathing treatments, and eye drops for gunk that is pouring out of her eyes. Kaly has been on an antibiotic for a week and still isn't any better and she had a fever today too. Sheesh, you'd think we'd get a freaking break in here at some point right? Wrong, on top of all that I am starting to have 4 -6 contractions an hour. Just peachy! I really do not know what I will do if I'm put on bed rest. How does one w/so many kids even DO bed rest? LOL is it even possible?

I see my doctor on Thursday and will see what he says. I don't think that he uses terbutalin anymore so not sure what he'll do.