Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok, so I got the results of my test back and I don't have mono but probably am working on a nice little sinus infection. Kira is on the mend but still has fluid in her ears, her ENT apt was supposed to be this morning but thanks to mother nature it was canceled. So all the kids were out of school all last week, finally went back yesterday and had a snow day today, yeay me lol. Now back to what I was saying. When could the ENT get her back in you ask? Not until after the first of the year @@. Her dr apt went well and as long as she can shake this cold we are good to go. She will still have an apt with her pulminologist (SP?) in the next few weeks. Lets hope this hospital stay did the trick!

Another tid bit of news, turns out I am not on a final warning with work. They decided to put me at one hour off of a final warning. So if I am more than 5 min late to work I will be on a final and the next time I have to take off of work I'm fired ::sigh:: at least it gives me time to get into January when I will have more time to cover any thing that may happen.