Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whole day is off!

So I took yesterday off to take Kira and Kaly to the dr and to stay with them since they were both sick. I make far less than Toby does in a day so it just makes sense for me to be the one at home with them. Plus Toby at a dr's office? LOL the thought alone makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe! Any way so here I am on my lunch break at work trying to reschedule all the apts that I had scheduled today (my normal day off) and I am so lost! Today feels like either a Monday or a Wednesday not a Tuesday. I actually tried to correct a lady that it was a different day when trying to reschedule :), sorry! She didn't really find the humor in it like I did while explaining-or rather trying to explain to her why I was off.

Kaly is doing much better, I wish the doctor would have given her this medicine last week. I am a little upset that she had to suffer like that before they would do anything different. Kira still looks horrible but was laughing and playing as I left today. Toby would have stayed with her, but Haley was running a fever and thought she could handle Kira. I wonder if I sat down and figured out the amount of money that I pay in unused daycare and medicine from all of Kira's illnesses with doctor copays and such how much I really make working? It can't be much, especially if you add on the gas I spend to travel all the way out to my job, the money I spend on lunch/snacks because I am always running late and can't pack things.

I suppose we will just make it until I either deliver or am pulled out of work and go from there. My guess is I will be staying at home for at least a year after this little guy shows up..........but you never know!