Friday, December 4, 2009

Not so lucky!

Well we were not lucky. We got hit with yet another bug. Just when we thought we've gone through it all ::sigh::. Loryn has mono for sure, Kaly and Paige probably have it, they didn't test them, Jake was tested and doesn't but has a wicked bad sinus infection, Kira had ROUND FOUR of pneumonia and ended up spending a few days in the hospital. I have something but my damn doctor/nurse decided that I can just wait until Monday to figure out what exactly I do have. I am very, very close to loosing my job. Funny how the Mothering Magazine Friendly Mom Employer of the Year company would actually action plan an employee who is at the hospital with her kid (not really funny at all). I shouldn't have expected more since they action planned me when I had h1n1. Guess I should have came in and infected the whole building @@. Yes, not only am I ticked off but at my breaking point. Grrrrr! 2010 had better be better because I cannot take another year like this!

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Cindy said...

Good lord woman! I hope you all stay healthy in the new year. Your health and your kids' health comes first. Shame on them!
BTW, that red tutu is so darn cute. Think I"ll get one for my daughter.