Monday, December 21, 2009

Conversation between Jake & Toby

As you read this, keep in mind that Jake knows all the Jonas Brother's names but Toby does not, nor does he like them....

Jake: What will the baby's name be?
Toby: Mom likes Jonas.
Jake: What about Nick? Nick Jonas would be good?
Toby: Nick is a good name but I like Joesph. Joesph Jonas would be ok, we could call him JJ.
Jake: Or Joe, he could be Joe Jonas.
Toby: No, I don't like Joe as a name.
Jake: Kevin is a good name. Kevin Jonas, does that sound good?
Toby: Kevin is a good name but we have a lot of K's already, we could call him KJ though. Kevin would be alright.

As you can imagine I am turning red/purple and fighting back the laughter at this point. Toby is convinced that if we name the baby Jonas (which I have like long before anyone even knew who or what a Jonas Brother was) he will be teased because of the Jonas Brothers. Then as he and Jake are talking they went through not one, not two but all three of the famous Jonas Brother's names! After they were done I informed him of such and we had a great laugh about it. He must have thought I was nuts sitting there nearly in tears from holding back my laughter.

As you can tell the name debate is still going strong at our house. I can in all certainty tell you that Nicholas (Nick), Joesph and Kevin were all X'd off of the list though ;).

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Shana said...

lol that is too funny!