Friday, December 11, 2009


Ok, after I posted that I actually made my way down to the storage room and battled the boxes to locate not only the tree but the decorations tub as well. I pulled them out and set them near the stairs to be carried up by my oldest or hubby whom ever I could wrangle to get it brought up first. Then I got sidetracked looking for a specific outfit that Jake had worn that I wanted his baby brother to wear.

The next two hours were spent with me elbow deep in tubs and boxes looking for an outfit that I knew was there a few months back but has now since disappeared. I blame my husband. After I had last set eyes on the outfit I had put it back into the tub I got it out of (the kids at this point didn't know we were expecting) and then Toby wanted to shuffle rooms around and mixed up all of my tubs! Who does that? I mean all you have to do is carry the box/tub from one room to the other. How hard is that? Apparently for my guy it's pretty hard because he thought that some tubs didn't have enough in them so he MIXED them! I had them that way for a dang reason! So now the gorgeous preemie outfit that my #1 son wore home from the hospital will not be worn home by #2 son unless it miraculously turns up between now and Feb. With my luck I will find it 5.6 seconds AFTER we bring son #2 home from the hospital @@.