Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The stash...

I have been getting things here and there when I come across a cute outfit and then on the way home from my u/s I stopped at the Carter's outlet and got a ton of cute stuff. So here is the stash so far. I think I am set as far as newborn and 0-3 month clothes I just need to see how the weather will be and how big this little guy will be when I will need 3-6 month clothes for him. With all that I've bought and all that I still have from Jake we are good. I wish I could remember where I put Jake's preemie coming home outfit...........I'd love to have it to bring baby brother home in.

I am sure that the guitar outfit will get a lot of wear, I think it is just too cute!

The matching receiving blankets might get claimed by Kira, she loves her blankies lol.

Spaceships and football! Can it get anymore boyish?

The onesie "No girls allowed except mom." was a must have! Little bro will have to wear it when I send him w/daddy when he and Jake are in the 'man cave' lol!

I love this set! I can't wait to see my two boys in them!