Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Computer/Internet Problems

Crappy days, I tell ya! I had my laptop crash, then dh's crashed (lost all kinds of pictures, school work and business files, praying DIT can find them!) After we got that figured out and got me up and running on one, mice or ground squirls decided that my underground phone lines would make a tasty snack. This interupted my DSL and had me running to the library to finish up on my finals and reports for a few of my classes. Good times I tell ya! So I will be catching up on some posts. I have them written out in word and need to xfer them on to blogger, so look for those later today/tomorrow. I will also FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY announce my great news in the morning. I would tell you all now but I am completely wore out from my 30 Day Challenge and my weed patch, errr uh, I mean garden. Why is it weeds grow faster then any other green plant on the face of the earth?