Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy week.

This week is going to be both busy and emotional. I have to take Loryn to a dermatologist on Monday. She had some moles removed and the majority of them came back "angry." Their words, not mine. The way the doctor explained "angry" was they weren't normal but if left untreated could turn into skin cancer. This really freaked me out and it made me want to have every single freckle removed from her body. This isn't practical of course, but the doctor is sending us out to be checked by a derm. They will look at all the blemishes on body and determine if any more need to be watched or removed and we will go from there.

Then Wednesday is Kira's appointment at Childrens Hospital. She has had a hernia about 3 or 4 inches above her bellybutton since she was about 9 months old. Over the past year it has gotten worse and now she will just double over in pain at times pointing to that area screaming that her belly hurts. I want her to be free from pain but I do not want her to have surgery. I am actually not even sure how I would manage her being in a hospital in Omaha being that there isn't anyone to care for Jonas while I would be up there and I don't think that he is allowed to be in the patient area.

My life would be boring if I didn't have a billion doctor appointments to go to. I swear there is no one that goes to the doctor more that me (as I write this after returning from my second trip this week for Jonas' ears- I see another specialist appointment in my near future lol).