Thursday, November 4, 2010

Potty learning - Day 3.

So by now I am pretty confident that the Super Undies are not going to allow a mess all over my house so in the morning I spread out the potty trips to every 30-45 min. Kira did so great, didn't have one pee accident. She is still struggling with the other. I have learned that if I were to cloth diaper it would definitely have to be a hybrid diaper or in the very least we would have to use those handy liners. Swishing poo off of these is not fun. I do recall tossing away plenty of Gerber training pants when the other kids were learning to use the potty and for one fleeting moment I thought about doing the same. Then the training pants in my hand morphed into the $20 bill that I paid for them and I sighed and went back to swishing LOL!

After the great success with the longer time between potty trips in the morning, I decided to let Kira lead the way in the afternoon. She told me 3 times that she needed to use the restroom (yes she does say restroom lol). I am going to have to say that she has learned how to tell when she needs to pee!