Thursday, November 18, 2010

Potty learning - Day 11-17.

To be honest, I didn't think this whole potty stuff would take as long as it has. In the past week there has been significant progress. Kira has told me when she needed to go pee nearly every time, we have had many dry naps and one dry night. She has started to recognize when she needs to poop but still is distracted enough to have accidents. When this happens she will immediately find me and let me know then finish in the toilet. One thing that happened this week is while taking a bath she jumped up and told me that she had to go. The thought of peeing in the bath horrified her and she gave up the extra splash time after being cleaned up. This is the time of day that she LOVES the most. So I know that she gets it, it is just a bit longer of a process then some of her sisters/brother. I am hoping that the next post that I put up next week (as I think weekly from here on out is best) will be stating that we are done and doing the only-one-in-diapers happy dance of joy!