Saturday, November 27, 2010

McNice or McFraud?

After reading another blog I was directed to one of those "without pity"(WOP) sites about a popular site on the net. A site that has had me crying and laughing with them for the past two years. Reading the WOP site made me sad. I know that not everything put out on the net is factual, so I had to wonder which site was the real deal. I finally decided that the gray area in the middle is probably where the facts are. I also noted that maybe the owner and certainly some of those that leave comments are upset that she made her blog profitable. How wonderful would it be to go from foreclosure to a 1/2 million dollar home, near bankruptcy to having a money making business? I wouldn't mind being a part of that category. Will I stop reading either blog? Heck no, I never was good at looking away from a crash.